Comprehensive Full Mouth Rehabilitation

While many patients may have gone to their dentist regularly over the years they may not have been given the options that we have today to maintain optimal oral health. Others may have avoided treatment for various reasons. In either of those situations teeth may be decayed, damaged or lost. They might be in chronic pain. The bite may have changed and appearance altered to the degree that not only the ability to function but also your self esteem has been affected. Full dentures at best compromise function significantly even if they look good. Today we have many options to restore people to good function, without pain and can create wonderful cosmetic results. It’s often not as simple as putting in an implant or two or making a fixed bridge or removable partial denture. Often several different types of treatment may be employed to have the best possible outcome and coordination of these treatments and the many options available have to be assessed and discussed in detail with the patient before an informed decision can be made. Dr Gold has over thirty five tears of experience and has attended literally thousands of hours of continuing education which makes him uniquely qualified to address these kinds of cases.