Healing abutment


Cast gold crown


Gold implant abutment (post)

Implant Restorations: Case 15

We have more and more options when it comes to restorative materials than ever, especially when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. But when cosmetics are not critical and longevity of the restoration is the most important thing for the patient there still is nothing better than cast gold. Gold is best in these circumstances for several reasons but paramount is simply that it doesn’t break, chip or crack. It can wear down if used opposing porcelain and other very hard materials, but this is, usually, avoided when possible. And against natural teeth it is the most kind, that is it doesn’t promote wear or fracture of natural teeth that it comes in contact with. It’s easy to adjust, polish and can even be helpful where extremely fine adjustments of the bite are required. Simply stated cast gold is unequivocally the longest lasting, most predictable restoration we can make. This case is an implant crown that replaced a fractured lower molar that does not show during normal function. The implant abutment (post) is also cast gold.

Patient Profile


Fractured tooth that was unrestorable